The French CV - submitting one's resume to job websites

Submitting one's CV online: a declining effectiveness

Almost all main recruitment websites propose to submit its CV online. The time spent for this peration varies from five to twenty minutes and does not require any particular data-processing competence.
There are usually standard application forms, and it is thus not possible to make simple copy-paste of its CV. However, if one repeats the procedure since the same computer, the text is in cache memory and appears as soon as the first letter is typed.

Supposing that the CV is well realized and that the candidate is skilled, registering in about twenty websites may allow to be invited to a few interviews. However, it should be known that the positions proposed often relate to commercial or administrative work little appreciated by candidates: telemarketing, data-processing, etc. In addition, it should be stressed that answering to an job advertisement is generally more effective than submitting its CV. The job ad means that there is an immediate need, ont the contrary to the spontaneous application. Lastly, the CV have flooded the recruitement websites and their effectiveness have thus become limited.

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